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Saint Stanislaus Kostka  Saint Stanislaus Kostka Walk in Faith, Live in Hope, Act in Love

1506 Washington St., Michigan City, IN 46360
TEL: (219) 879-9281
Church Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-2pm

Our Story Our Story Historic Beginning

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Parish is located near the shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of Michigan City, Indiana.

The Great Wave of Immigration beginning in the late 1800s, brought many Polish immigrants to the area. To serve the growing needs of these Polish-speaking Catholics, Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish was established in 1891. The current church was built from 1916-1926, with much of the construction labor supplied by the congregation, including the foundation work, which is believed to be done by hand. The historical, architectural, and cultural influence to the local area is evident. The church is a landmark in a region still populated by many people of Polish descent. Although currently there is a more diverse congregation, many are generational members, who continue to maintain the ethnic and historical culture of their ancestors. Saint Stan’s has deep roots, and remains part of U.S., regional, and personal histories.

We are very proud of our Polish history, our incredibly beautiful church, our school, and our longevity. So many good people make up our congregation. It truly is a family that comes with a lifetime membership. Our alumni and former parishioners carry fond memories of Saint Stan’s, and even those living outside the area still have very strong ties to the church. We are a humble parish, with numerous volunteers that donate countless hours to help maintain all aspects of parish life.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our heritage and parish community.

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