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Ushers – Ushers are usually the first point of access to the church, so it is imperative that they give full attention to the gathering assembly by offering a welcoming gesture, as in a heartfelt, “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon,” a sincere smile, or a handshake (if appropriate). Ushers are responsible for seating those assembled for the liturgy, attending to the needs of other-abled by holding doors open, assisting those needing to use the chairlift or a wheelchair.

Ushers make sure that the gifts of bread and wine are in their proper places before Mass, and are responsible for asking members of the assembly to bring forth the gifts at the Offertory. They also check the worship space making certain that it is free from clutter.

The ushers are also responsible for the collection of monies and transferring them to the sanctuary at the appropriate time. When the usher(s) take up the collection basket to the altar, they should either bow or genuflect before approaching the altar.

Providing assistance to the other-abled and directing the assembly in receiving Holy Communion are also duties performed by the ushers.

After the completion of the Mass, the ushers offer a parish bulletin to the members as they exit, while also bidding them an appropriate farewell.

Once the majority of the Mass-goers have left the building, the ushers make a sweep of the premises, repositioning kneelers, missalettes, etc., so that the church building is prepared for the next Mass.